Frequently Asked Questions

BPG Caulfield Village intend this web page to provide timely and relevant information to the broader community regarding the development of Caulfield Village. The following are responses to common questions that have arisen on our contact us page. 

Q. Who is BPG Caulfield Village?
BPG Caulfield Village is a joint venture between two Melbourne based businesses – BECK Property Group and PROBUILD, both of whom have decades of experience and are proud to call Melbourne home. BECK Property Group enjoys an enviable reputation for quality residential development in Melbourne. Probuild is a national building company born in Melbourne and responsible for several landmark mixed use developments in Victoria. As born and bred locals, BPG Caulfield Village understand and respect the culture, history and diversity of Melbourne.

Q. What’s the background to the project?
The development rights for Caulfield Village were awarded to BPG Caulfield Village in August 2012 following a public tender held over the course of 2011/2012. The invitation brief required participants to respond to a proposed development scenario endorsed into the planning framework prior to the calling of the tender. BPG Caulfield Village was the successful tenderer and our goal is to build from the planning framework to achieve the best outcomes in terms of design, convenience and amenity. We want to foster a new village for all members of Caulfield where people can live, work, shop and relax.

Q: What is the Melbourne Racing Club’s involvement in the project?
Contrary to popular misconception, the Melbourne Racing Club (MRC) are not part of the Development Team.  As widely reported in many media outlets in August 2012, the MRC awarded Development rights to BPG Caulfield Village Pty Ltd, which involves the divestment of their land to BPG Caulfield Village Pty Ltd. The MRC is otherwise not involved in the planning, design, construction or sale of the Caulfield Village project.

Q: What will Caulfield Village consist of – residential, retail or offices?
Caulfield Village will comprise various types of new housing and other complementary uses including shopping and recreation. Each stage will offer different facilities. As we are completing the design one stage at a time, we invite you to browse the web page or subscribe to our e-newsletter for future information updates.

Q: What kind of land is the project on?
Caulfield Village will develop privately owned land to extend the existing Caulfield neighbourhood to connect with the railway hub and the University precinct. No part of the development is taking place on Crown Land.

Q: What’s in the first precinct?
The first precinct, bounded by Kambrook Road and Bond Street, will provide high quality architecturally designed dwellings comprising a mixture of townhouses and a range of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. The buildings, ranging from 2 to 6 storeys employ key character elements such as red brick, local landscaping and a palette of colours and materials from the established neighbourhood. Further details are contained in the planning application, please refer to the GECC with any queries.

Q: When will construction commence and complete?
Our focus at present is to ensure we provide a well-resolved solution for Council approval. Until we have approval we are not in a position to advise construction timelines. However, stay tuned as we will continue to provide you with timely information and updates as they arise. Amongst other communications, we’ll be setting up a twitter account to allow you to access real time updates.

Q: Who is the contact person(s) if I want to talk to someone regarding the development
Please send us a note via the contact us page and we will pass your request or comment along to the appropriate person for a response.

 The below address queries pertaining to the application to amend the development plan.

Q: Do the amendments impact on neighbouring properties?
No, they’ll have no impact on neighbouring properties and remain in line with the approved design intent of the building facades and materials.

Q: What are the amendments?
The amendments are mostly to do with minor internal configuration and constructability changes, however the unit configuration has also changed in response to market demand, resulting in a slight increase in unit numbers.

Q: Will the project still comply with the Incorporated Plan for Caulfield Village?
Yes. The project will continue to comply with the heights and setbacks prescribed in the approved Incorporated Plan for Caulfield Village.

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